Apple has boosted its new production facility and focused more on camera lens modules production. With this, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to feature a larger screen size as well as better camera upgrades.

Apple has been making some significant developments in their devices especially the iPhone series. The company is now is expected to release the upcoming iPhone 8 with better cameras and higher MP. When the MP count for the camera module is increased, the smartphone's camera sensor will also be increased allowing more light to enter. With this, the captured images will be improved, especially in a low-light environment.

Largan Precision is the supplier of Apple's 3D camera. Its new factory at Taichung Precision Machinery could produce over 600 million lens modules for smartphones. They are also expected to supply the camera modules for the iPhone 8. However, there are some issues including the insufficiency of time to upgrade the phone's features. Hence, the company has not yet confirmed whether they will upgrade the smartphone’s camera above 12MP or not.

Will the iPhone 8 be Apple’s biggest failure?

The iPhone 8 will be the 10th iPhone to be launched. It is expected to be the most improved smartphone with a new design that will break its signature blueprint. Hence, the upcoming smartphone is supposed to be a huge success for Apple. However, a survey from Piper Jaffray via CNBC revealed that the consumers are not excited anymore.

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Jaffray survey showed that only 16 percent of more than 400 United States iPhone users are now expected to buy the latest smartphone this Fall in spite of the developments announced by Apple. It also revealed that 24 percent of consumers would “maybe” buy compared to the 29 percent last year.

In conclusion, this could be awful news for Apple as its stocks price is currently hanging off the anticipation line. In fact, iPhone 7 sales were lower than the company’s prediction which made the company think that buyers are waiting for the iPhone 8 [VIDEO]. However, Jaffray study revealed the opposite, saying that many people will consider it as a boring device.

On the other hand, the survey itself has only looked at American users, which only make up about 35 percent of the annual sales. Still, in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, the company’s smartphone sales have also fallen behind because of the design. Furthermore, Korea and China phone users tend to prefer for Android with bigger screens.