Apple's flagship phones revolutionized the way smartphones were created and now, to celebrate the upcoming launching of the iPhone 8, let's recap the previous version's most wanted features. Apple is very original when it comes to exclusive features, but there are instances when you can purely see a borrowed idea from another brand. Apple is a brand that is massively accepted but equally despised by those who are after an amazing phone with simple features.

Siri is one of the most convenient ways to access your iPhone's apps. Most people who multitask find Siri the best option to minimize wasted time.

The virtual assistant was first known for its ability to relay the latest weather forecast as well as the update on scores of your favorite sports. It was later on updated to something useful such as opening contacts and making calls using voice generated instructions.

The TouchID feature of the iPhone significantly increased the security of the device. The feature was first introduced on the iPhone 5 after which, it was later on developed to be one of its most appreciated application. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor allows the user to access the iPhone using his or her registered fingerprint instantly. It significantly replaced the annoying way of entering a passcode before you can access the phone.

Both features are still available on the iPhone with the option to choose fingerprint sensor only.

More from the App Store

The App Store, despite receiving harsh criticism for its strict guidelines is no doubt one of the founding features of the iPhone devices. Unlike Samsung and other brands wherein they can host other apps, Apple remained steadfast in restricting its operating system to their "homegrown" apps.

Users and game developers eventually adopted this with the latter creating a more conducive platform by means of developing games applicable to iOS and Android.

The Apple Home Button has revolutionized into something that contributed to the iPhone's elegant design. However, the expected iPhone 8 this coming September may not feature the Home Button at all, at least not on the front screen of the new device.

According to the latest news, the all new iPhone 8 will maximize its screen space with an almost bezel-less screen, hence the option to remove the Home Button at the front.

Evolution of the iOS software

Lastly, Apple's iOS became the founding element of the iPhone and iPad's existence. The upcoming iOS11 update is expected to broaden the scope of the iOS' capabilities, even opening to new opportunities brought by the subtle contribution of opposing systems.