With the release of Apple's iPhone 8 just a few months away, many consumers may be looking to trade up even though the predicted price of the new iPhone 8 will cost about $1,000. Although the iPhone 8 has many new features, those who are satisfied with their current devices may want to try these tips and tricks to get more out of their current iPhones.

Easy tips to get more from any iPhone

The Mirror UK reported that there are 10 things iPhone users can do to get more from their phones using these simple tips. Currently, the latest iPhone on the market is the iPhone 7, but these tips will work on different devices based on which operating system and version of Siri the user is using.

The iPhone is particularly good for both searching and tracking. For those who want to know where they been, there is a feature for finding previous locations. Users will find this under system locations in the settings. If the user has iOS 9, it's easy to locate photos by using voice and asking for specific photos. It's also easy to save battery life by using the Grayscale in the settings, while Siri can also give reminders to send text messages later. Siri can also be used hands-free by using Apple's assistant to read and reply to messages.

Has your iPhone been lost or stolen? Try this

Because iPhones are so expensive, sometimes consumers choose to purchase second-hand devices. The problem with buying a second-hand device is that there's always a chance that the device has been stolen.

BGR reported that for those who choose to purchase a second-hand device, there is now a simple way to determine if the device has been stolen. Devices can be checked instantly. It's a good idea to check the device before fully activating it to avoid a visit from the police or ending up with a device that has been bricked and can't be activated.

Stolen Phone Checker is a website that allows users to check the status of a possibly stolen device. Consumers will need access to the internet to visit the site. Using the IMEI, or unique identification number of the device, a consumer can immediately determine the status of the device. This number is sometimes located on the back of the iPhone.

If the user doesn't find it there, it's possible to go to the Settings and locate the number there. Consumers may consider checking a device they are considering purchasing by asking the seller for this number. It will save a lot of time, money, and frustration when trying to purchase a second-hand iPhone. This site also works for Android devices as well.