iPhone 8 is expected to be released in September of 2017. Apple’s most anticipated flagship device has been the center of theories and speculations as early as 2016. The range of specs the next smartphone will have is massive from display even up to the tiniest part of the device.

Latest leak

A couple of hot leaks suggest that the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently working on two variants of the upcoming flagship device. Interestingly, these two models were provided with detailed information. Among the leaks that have been circulating recently is the one that came from iDrop.

The report claim a source working at Foxconn, the tech giant’s manufacturing partner made a list containing massive major changes.

Dubbed as Plan A, it includes 4mm bezels surrounding the whole edge of the device. In addition, there is a mention of a Touch ID located beside the display and facing front. Wireless charging feature is also mentioned to be one of iPhone 8’s feature.

Apart from those, a 2.5 D contoured glass on the front and back is enclosed by a metal frame. There is also a mention of 5.8-inch OLED display and it will be of the same dimension as the older brother iPhone 7. Another interesting feature included in the list is the invisible front-facing camera concealed underneath the display.

There is also a large button that features two points of contact for an unknown reason.

Plan B

Aside from the information from iDrop, another site claimed that the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate has a fallback if ever the development of the ground-breaking model fails. In the Plan B, the leak underlines two essential details acquired from a comprehensive diagram.

The schematics illustrated a bigger device fundamentally taller and wider than the best smartphone of 2017.

It reveals the dimension being 149.5 x 72.5 x 8.6 mm for the flagship device. It is worth noting that iPhone 7 has a dimension of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm.

Aside from that, the diagram also shows a dual-camera setup similar to that of its predecessor. However, the camera in this diagram appears to be placed in a vertical alignment.

In addition, it can also be observed that the upcoming device will sport an aluminum chassis upon release. Therefore, if ever Plan A, most likely, consumers can expect the wireless charging, Touch ID fingerprint sensor will also be available.

These leaks recently revealed are not the first and most probably not the last. Whatever the case, it simply implies one thing, that the tech giant is building a flagship device that will ultimately break the sales record. Hopefully, iPhone 8 will be unveiled soon.