One of the biggest companies in the world today, Amazon, is starting a secret lab to help provide opportunities for the health care world. This secret includes building new platforms similar to the Electronic Medical Records or EMR and the telemedicine. Amazon is naming this team the Stealth Team 1492 which is referenced to the year when Christopher Columbus first discovered and set his foot in the United States.

The Stealth team will be using Seattle as its headquarters. This team will be focused primarily on hardware and software projects. Based on rumors, Amazon these days is interested in exploring different business risks in the world of health care.

Just last May, the company has another unit that explored the selling of pharmaceutical products.

The secret squad team

The new Stealth team is rumored that they are already brainstorming and looking at the possible opportunities that involves pushing and pulling data from the systems of EMR. If this project is a big success, the company will be making all the gathered information accessible for health care professionals such as doctors as well as to their patients. Amazon is also hoping to build a telemedicine platform in the future. This platform will be easier for people to have a visual consultation with their doctors without the need of falling in line or going to the hospitals personally.

The team is also targeting to explore Amazon’s existing hardware. This includes the top selling items such as the Dash Wand and the Echo. Other hospitals and doctor’s offices already participated in the improvement of Amazon’s voice operated AI, Alexa. This serves as a significant opportunity for the e-commerce company’s business in the future.

Current health devices

Amazon did not confirm if the company will build other health equipment. Also, the sources did not rule it out, so it is still a big question for the enterprise. The e-commerce company currently has a few slots left for their “stealth” operation.

Amazon is not confirming yet if they will build another health device.

However, the company is currently looking for people to fill in the slots for their Stealth operations. Currently, the jobs are still accessible by using the keyword “a1.492.” There were also some job posts on the internet describing the open positions as the Amazon Grand Challenge or the Special Projects team.

The company is now looking for the best of the best to fill in the shoes as a UX Design Manager. The person that Amazon is looking for will be the machine learning director who will work on their health care information technology. This job also involves critical analysis and an excellent understanding of how EMR works.

The company is now looking for the best of the best UX Design Manager for its new vertical.

Amazon is looking for the best contenders of machine learning director that certainly have an experience in healthcare Information Technology. The job includes analysis and an excellent knowledge of EMRs.

The goal of Amazon is to beat giants such as Microsoft and Google into getting the contracts from big hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies.