Google announced that the fourth and the Final preview of the new operating system, Android O, is available for beta testers. According to the company’s announcement, the launch of the new operating system remains on track for its release. Google has no significant changes with their final release. Plus, the company has enough time to finalize it before its rumored release on September 22.

Similar to the previous Nougat update, Android O is expected to be released by the final week of August since Google is always ahead of its schedule. Since the last available APIs for Android O already arrived during the third preview, the final update is more about the incremental as well as the developer’s stability.

After a couple of days, the major tools, SDKs, and the Android Emulator will have their minor versions fixed.

Google also announced that the Android Support Library version 26.0.0 is already fixed and is now stable. However, the tech giant still has a lot of plans. The company is making sure that the professional developers can test and find errors in their apps before the final version releases.

What to expect in Android O?

The new version brings a lot of better notifications support. Google will have a huge advantage over their competitor, the iOS if this new OS is a big success. This is the reason why the company does all the powers that they can do so that Android O will be recognized as the best update in the world.

Google also added a new feature that can optimize the unit’s battery. It is standard for other devices since it is easy to download an app but Google is making it a lot easier. According to rumors, if there will be no significant changes to the app, the beta testing will be wrapped up immediately. The beta version is also available as an over-the-air update for consumers.

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Android O vs. Android Nougat

Google just released the current operating system, Android Nougat, last year. Nougat is considered successful as it reached 11.50% in market shares. Although it takes a while for the users to adapt with the new updates, they will surely be satisfied in the end. With a couple of Pixel smartphones set to hit the smartphones market soon, these smartphones will inevitably come bundled with Android O.

Even if Google takes a lot of risks in Android O, it proves that the company is truly a tech giant. Google initiative to take a huge step towards Android version will give an edge to the company towards others. The company is a monster all in all.