WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging application in the world, has a new upcoming update. The new version, released within a few days, will provide Android users with a new Whatsapp feature that will affect the search for emojis.

Whatsapp simplifies the search for emoji

At the moment, some users are already testing the fabulous news of Whatsapp's latest update to the Beta version. As per news, the simple, yet revolutionary, mechanism behind the change can be seen by typing a particular word and seeing appear all the emojis that refer to that particular semantic field.

How many of you have come across the endless list of Gifs, and so on before arriving at what you want, unless you may find emoji mistakenly because of an incorrect touch or too much hurry? For those who use Whatsapp hours and hours during the day, this problem is more frequent than you can imagine. It is, therefore, greeted with enthusiasm the arrival of the new update, which will hopefully please all those who cannot avoid embodying emojis in their texts.

Whatsapp update: emoji at your fingertips

When you go to the emoji keyword, you will notice a small search title at the bottom where you can touch-type whatever emoji you prefer to use. For example, if you write "pig" for the piggy emoji, you will achieve the desired outcome.

Some may object to this enthusiastic update by proposing the function of recently used emojis. However, the problem of infinite scroll resumes almost continuously. While it is true that many people often use the same status, there are still people who want to create a different and original message.

Beta version

To date, the Whatsapp Beta version that makes searching for simplified emoji is the number 2.17.243.

Let's emphasize that it is a build for Android operating system. At the moment, it is not known whether there is a similar update for iOS operating systems (iPhone).

Again, this week, we were relieved of the rumors of a new feature's launch, which will allow Whatsapp to send all existing file types, both through the application for smartphones and the desktop version.