Netflix announced again excessive numbers related to their profits. In a statement referring to financial results for the second quarter of this year, the large film and drama streaming company revealed an incredible total turnover of $2.7 billion. The turnover recorded between April and June 2017, had an astonishing increase of 50% in earnings, reaching $66 million.

100 million subscribers

In April, the company publicly announced the conquest of 100 million subscribers worldwide and this number continues to grow. Already in the second quarter of this year, the number of new members to the platform hit the home of 5.2 million.

Netflix has 4.1 million outside the United States, where most of the company's investments are focused and also some regions in which there was no consolidation.

Netflix aims to revolutionize the film market

The big news is that even with its consolidation in the market with films, series, and shows, the great new focus of Netflix will be the cinema. The company also claimed to have been responsible for a revolution in the TV industry, transforming the way it produces and delivers to viewers. The intention is now to do the same for the films, changing traditions usually covered a long time ago.

Reinventing the market

Reinvention is the word of the moment for Netflix, which aims to reinvent the cinema using the force of the internet.

Titles such as Okja, 40 films that are due to be released in the course of 2017 and independent productions prove that the changes have already begun.

When Netflix refers to a movie business, it takes care to distinguish the Movies from the movie theater market. The second option is not the purpose of the company. However, the major film networks are significantly affected by Netflix's services.

As for theaters, Netflix did not say much about it; its focus is to continue with the original productions.

News and quality are the current focus

Also, investments in international expansion should continue alongside the creation of content and new formats. Another goal is to fight for the licensing of large studios to bring quality content and also the ones most requested by subscribers.

There is good news for Netflix fans. The results were released on Monday, but there was a significant increase of almost 10% in the shares in preliminary negotiations on Tuesday. The expectation is for Netflix shares to hit the record high.