The list of the Top most popular chatting apps is undeniably topped by WhatsApp. It’s free, efficient and extremely user-friendly. The platform is used by over billions worldwide, and the owners understand the importance of keeping their customers happy. Therefore, they are always working towards bringing in newer features to make the chatting experience more exciting and easy. Following given are the top features that were added this year.

Pinned chats: Earlier this year, WhatsApp added a new feature called ‘Pinned chats.’ The name itself is self-explanatory.

Basically, the new feature allows users to pin their favorite chats on top of the table. WhatsApp has put a limit on the number of chats that can be tipped on top and it is three. This is especially useful as users will no longer be required to scroll through the endless list of chats to get to their favorite or preferred one. How to pin chats? Users are required to long press a chat that they wish to pin on top and subsequently choose the ‘pin on top’ option. Two-step authentication is also the latest security feature added to WhatsApp. With the two-step authentication feature, WhatsApp has added an additional layer of protection to a user’s accounts on the platform. Users will be required to feed in a passcode that will prevent any chances of a stranger attempting to access one’s account instead.

The passcode is obviously set by the user himself. Users can find this option in the ‘Account’ section of the app.


WhatsApp and Siri are reportedly becoming better friends. iPhone users can now command the Siri voice assistant to read out WhatsApp messages to them. The platform has been compatible in that sense.

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The latest feature was added to WhatsApp in the latest 2.17.20 version. However, users should note that it will only work on iOS 10.3 or later.

Text status made a comeback

WhatsApp users were extremely disappointed when the ‘Text status’ feature was eliminated. Instead, it was replaced by another ‘Status’ option that required users to upload images, videos, and GIFs as their statuses.

After realizing the plight of the users, WhatsApp decided to bring its ‘Text Status’ back. Another very important feature that had been missing on WhatsApp was the ability to make video calls. WhatsApp ticked that off too this year by adding the feature to the platform. Not only can users make free voice calls but video calls too.