WhatsApp's latest update raises the bar on customer satisfaction with its delete sent message capability. According to the latest news, update 2.17.30 will eventually enable the action and hence the user's ability to delete a message sent no longer than five minutes and which has not been read by the recipient. This feature has been rumored to arrive on the popular messaging app, but it looks like it's only now that the developer finally included it.

How does the WhatsApp delete sent message work?

This new feature can be tried once the WhatsApp version 2.17.30 has been downloaded from the store.

Once updated, senders can try the feature by long pressing a mistakenly sent message. During long press, several actions will pop up wherein the delete option is also available. By choosing delete, you simultaneously delete the message from your device and the recipient's.

A message that has been read by the recipient or has been sent for more than five minutes can still be deleted from the sender's device, but not on the recipient's. The feature is welcomed by many, especially now that it's finally arriving on the call and Messaging App.

When can we expect the new WhatsApp update 2.17.30?

Sources reveal that the update is not available to iOS users. Unfortunately, it will arrive at a later date to Android and other OS platforms where WhatsApp is available.

Here is the interesting part: the "Recall" feature is said to be a "hidden feature" from the app and on launching, presented as disabled. Users who want it enabled will have to manually switch its default status or interchange it depending on the situation.

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users worldwide and last year, an announcement that it will be free to all users commemorated this milestone.

The "Recall" feature is not the only major update the app has received. In fact, several others were also introduced in the past months including the addition of number of emojis and video status.

Meanwhile, another update from WhatsApp for the iOS platform has arrived and it includes a quick reply feature, automatic albums in chat, and the addition of photo filters.

The photo filters on the other hand have received most of the attention among the three. Sources reveal that this photo filter is also applicable to videos on WhatsApp and GIFs.

Gone are the days when you have to scroll through several pictures sent to you. Sources reveal that for every multiple images and videos sent, the popular messaging app will automatically create an album for convenient access.