Apart from the Note 8, C10, the rumored Galaxy J7 (2017) is also in the competition to become the first Samsung handset to come with rear mounted dual-camera setup. To increase the veracity of this rumor, some images of the alleged Galaxy J7 leaked online, showcasing the smartphone with two cameras at the back panel. The leaked images are considered the Chinese edition of the device. Apart from the Dual Camera setup, the leaked images also showed that the handset came with the nifty feature of “Always-On” display.

What do the leaked images reveal?

The leaked images show a black colored Galaxy J7 (2017) handset sporting vertically aligned dual camera setup on the rear panel of the smartphone. The two camera sensors have been placed at the top center with the dual LED flash placed below. The Samsung logo has been etched just below the dual camera setup. The upper and lower antenna bands of the smartphone are also clearly visible against the dark rear panel. The rear panel sports a matte finished look and the handset has curved corners.

Always-On display in the cards for the 2017 variant?

Apart from the dual-rear camera setup, a new feature was discovered for the Galaxy J7 (2017) smartphone. The front portion of the smartphone features a reflective screen.

However, that is not what catches our eye.

Though it might seem that that the phone is in sleep mode, the time, date, and icons of some apps are clearly visible on the reflective display of the leaked images. Thus, it would not be wrong to assume that the impending mid-ranged Samsung handset may come with the handy Always On display.

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The alleged device sports bare minimum side bezels but relatively thicker top and bottom bezels.

The bottom bezel houses the navigation keys, along with the fingerprint sensor embedded on the home button. The top bezel comes integrated with the earpiece at the center, the selfie camera is on the left, and the front LED flash is on the right.

Apart from that, one can spot the power off button on the right side of the rumored handset, while the volume control buttons have been placed on the left. Apart from the Galaxy J7 (2017), the C10 Pro, Note 8, and also the C7 Pro (2017) are rumored to come with dual camera setups.

The handset is rumored to arrive on US carrier Cricket as the Galaxy Halo. It remains to be seen if the device will be the first-ever Samsung handset to sport the dual rear camera setup or not.