The launch and release timeframe for Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro has been a subject of daily debate amongst market experts and analysts from financial services. The latest to pitch in to this topic is Jp Morgan. The banking and financial services firm states that the handset will not get a delayed launch in the market. The firm stated that the premium Apple smartphone will land in time however, will be available in limited quantities initially.

iPhone 8 will be released on time, says JP Morgan analysts

This positive report from JP Morgan comes after several other firms predicted that Apple’s iPhone won’t get to see light until October, which can be even further delayed to December 2017.

Firms such as RBC, KGI, Cowen and Company along with many others sated that they delay was caused due to problems related to the placement of the Touch ID underneath the frontal display and also issues with the supply chain.

In a note to the investors, Rod Hall an analyst working with JP Morgan stated that the firm does not believe that the production timeline for iPhone 8 is still undergoing a change. He further states that the most current reports of smartphone delay are echoing the decisions Apple’s management took way back in spring in regards to the launch and release of the smartphone’s tenth anniversary edition. Hall tells the investors that JP Morgan believes that a small number of iPhone Pro or 8 models will be released into the market in late September.

However, Apple will increase the mass production in October to reach the target output levels by late October or even Early November.

iPhone 8 to cross the $1,000 mark?

However, Rod states that though the iPhone 8 will come in time it will be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever produced. Hall claims that the device will carry a price tag of $1,100.

While earlier it was rumored that the handset will be priced at a robust $1,000, the JP Morgan analyst states that the price has increased by $100 due to the increase in the expected average retail price caused by increased production costs. The iPhone 8 or Pro is expected to come with a full frontal OLEd colourful display featuring 3D facial recognition technology and wireless charging. As to the inclusion or placement of the Touch ID, reports state that Apple is still facing problems to prefect that technology to function seamlessly under the frontal glass display.