iFans and all over the world are waiting with bated breath for the launch of iPhone 8, the tenth-anniversary smartphone from the Cupertino-based company. If Apple follows its traditional annual product launch cycle, then one can expect the smartphone to be unveiled in September this year. It is also rumored that Apple will launch the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus alongside the handset.

Several leaks and rumors pertaining to the iPhone 8 have surfaced online. The latest leak is that of the device’s screen protector and popped up on Weibo. The leaked image was also shared on Twitter and reveals the large frontal display of the much-anticipated smartphone.

Image of iPhone 8 screen protector leaks

The latest leaked image of the iPhone 8 screen protector shows the display sporting almost non-existent bezels and small cutouts for the front-facing camera. One can also espy the speaker cutouts. The image was shared on Twitter by leakster Benjamin Geskin. The image of the glass screen protector confirms numerous earlier leaks and rumors, which claimed that the iPhone would come with a full front glass display with minimum to no bezels.

The screen protector also reveals a slew of minute cutouts for the front cameras.

It is rumored that the iPhone 8 will come with a number of front sensors, which will allow the user to take selfies, front facing videos, and it may be used for facial recognition. The iPhone 8 may sport facial recognition or biometric features, which is supported by Apple’s acquisition of Israel-based RealFace in 2016.

Touch ID underneath display?

Apple fans and tech enthusiasts have seen a number of contradictory reports pertaining to the placement of the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 8. While some suggest that the company would place the Touch ID underneath the front glass display, others maintain that the OEM was facing trouble perfecting the technology.

Due to this, Apple will reportedly place the sensor on the handset’s back panel. A third school of thought is that the smartphone would not come with a Touch ID. However, the latest leak hints that Apple has surmounted the hurdles and will embed the Touch ID in the display itself.

The next-gen handset is expected to support wireless charging and may have an aluminum back. The device is also expected to be taller and slimmer than its predecessor. The handset is expected to debut in September and could start at $1,000 per analysts.

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