Google Pixel 2 will launch late this year. And like the first Pixel phone, we expect this one to stand out once again amidst the many flagship phones of this year. For starters, Google Pixel 2 will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 to power it.

Android is a product of Google so it is safe to assume that the experience will be one of a kind. There will be no bloatware, no ads, and no unnecessary features that can hinder for a Pure Android Experience.

That same scenario happened with the first Google Pixel phone. It was nothing like any other phone before. Add that experience to a power house and that spells excellent performance.

The Google Pixel phone used the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 when everything else used the Snapdragon 820.

Great for multitasking

This year, Google Pixel 2 will do the same. While the rest of the flagship phones went for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, this Google phone will utilize the Snapdragon 836.

So what’s the big difference between the two processors? Not much. In fact, it will just be a small improvement in performance and battery life. Although that may not sound very much on paper, the actual usage of the device it will give an extra boost for extensive multitasking activities, plus an additional hour for battery usage while doing extensive gaming activity or multimedia consumption.

Bezel-less display

That is not just what the Google Pixel has to offer. According to Android Police, the Pixel 2 will also feature an almost bezel-less display.

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The tech company will officially join the competition for the bezel-less phone with Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG.

Android O

The upcoming Android O will also be one of this smartphone’s attractive offerings once it launches. It will be a pure Android experience using the latest and the best Android version to date. There is also an additional feature with better battery and memory handling. We have only seen prototypes and test handsets that showed what this Android version could do so far.

Other speculations

But the most surprising speculation of all is the part where the Google Pixel 2 will feature the fingerprint sensor on its display. As Apple may not be able to put the Touch ID feature on its display due to legal issues against Qualcomm, Google might. And the squeeze feature from HTC U11 was also mentioned. If this is true, then this is going to be the next revolutionary smartphone.

Other than that, there is only a little information that Google has shared recently regarding their upcoming Pixel phone. Most of it is just teasers and possibilities. Compared to Apple, Google is doing a pretty good job in protecting their product from being leaked on the internet.