Google is expected to introduce its much-anticipated smartphone Pixel 2 in the span of next few months. There are reports floating around the internet suggest that the smartphone will be a beast in terms of specs and features. Google has launched Pixel last year but failed to capture the market share. This time, Google Pixel 2 is expected to go head-to-head with samsung galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7 and will try to establish the company in the high-end smartphone market.

HTC and LG are both parts of the Pixel 2

A report, al but, confirms that Google will be manufacturing two versions of the Pixel 2 smartphone, out of which – one will be made by HTC and the other one will be made by LG. Thereafter, the report reveals that smartphone is going to come equipped with an all-screen design – similar to that of Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Moreover, the developers report further goes on to suggest that the two versions of Pixel 2 will not be identical. In other words, the two smartphones will be quite different than each other.

As can be recalled, Google scrapped off its ‘Nexus’ project by thankfully replacing it with a similar kind, i.e. Pixel. The two smartphones that were launched last year surpassed most expectations. However, if Google chooses to manufacture two different versions of the same smartphone that it might not turn out to be ideal for either, the fans or the company. The report further goes on to suggest that the Pixel 2 XL, which is codenamed ‘Taimen,’ is going to come featuring a 5.99-inch OLED display with 1440 pixel resolution. The smartphone is expected to pack smaller bezels than the Pixel XL device.

Top-end specs and features

Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 which is codenamed ‘Walleye’ is going to come packed with a 4.97-inch full-HD display. It, also turns out that the former will have a better display than the latter.

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Moreover, Google is expected to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack with its Pixel 2 smartphone. While Google hasn’t officially confirmed the news yet, the chances of it happening are high. The report further goes on to indicate that the Pixel 2 smartphone will come featuring a single-lens camera on the rear panel of the device. The fingerprint sensor should ideally be located on the back of the device as well, but Google might end up changing that too. No other evident information regarding the Pixel smartphone has made its way to the top as yet. There are still months till the smartphone is finally launched and so a lot can change in the meantime.