Apple has finally launched its Siri-powered smart speaker, dubbed the HomePod. The device will compete in the market where the Amazon Echo and Google Home have dominated since the last two years. Now the question arises whether the Apple speaker can match up to or better the two products which are already in the market.

HomePod design

Apple’s device is similar in its look to the Google Home. The HomePod features a bulbous look similar to air freshener bottles. At 7-inches tall, the latest Apple device is slightly taller than Google’s speaker but is still much shorter than the slender Amazon Echo.

However, the Apple Smart Speaker has a greater circumference than either of the others. Apple has said that it would be available in two color options, namely Space Gray and Black.

Hardware of the latest offering

The device sports an upward facing woofer which has been designed to deliver the deepest bass possible through software manipulation. The smart speaker is powered by a modified A8 chipset which allows the speakers to detect the room around it and adjust the audio acoustics relatively. Seven beam forming tweeters are also in tow, which further enhances user experience.

HomePod features

The Apple product comes with an array of six microphones which are able to cancel out the echo and other noise to gather a user’s command.

This functionality will be greatly useful to people who want to issue commands to Siri while the speaker is already playing music. The AI will pick up the command even through the loud music.

The HomePod will also be able to conduct advance searches if the user so desires. For instance, if a certain song is playing and the user asks “Hey Siri, who’s the violinist in this?” the AI will search online to find the relevant information and relay it to the owner.

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The AI is also programmed to recognize the user’s music preference so that it can recommend similar songs in the future.

Apart from this, Apple also hinted at a messaging feature inside the smart speaker but did not elaborate on what it meant. Standard functions like setting kitchen timers, reminders, and calendar integration are also supported in the Cupertino-based company’s product.

However, these functionalities are also present in the Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

HomePod price

Perhaps the greatest problem with Apple smart speaker is its price. The company has decided to retail it at a price of $349 which is almost double that of the Amazon Echo’s price tag. The standard Echo sells for $180, while the Google Home retails for $129. For now, the HomePod’s price cannot be justified as both Amazon and Google’s speakers offer more utilities than Apple’s latest offering.