The Smart Speaker market is currently dominated by Amazon thanks to its Alexa-powered Echo speaker. The company was the first to launch the smart home speaker, which found favor with tech buff all around the world. This success soon inspired Google to launch its own smart speaker, namely the Google Home.

However, currently, Amazon’s speaker reigns supreme accounting for over 70.6 percent of the smart speaker market, while Google Home comes in at second with a measly 23.8 percent of the share. Microsoft will soon launch its Harman Kardon Invoke, which is a Harman Kardon speaker and deploys Cortana.

However, according to a report by Bloomberg, Apple may soon join the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to launch its own smart speaker in the United States. The publication also states that the speaker is already under production overseas. The report also hints that there is a small chance that the Cupertino-based company may introduce the smart speaker during the WWDC, which is scheduled to be held on June 5.

Apple smart speaker under production?

According to the report, Apple’s upcoming smart speaker will combine a Beats speaker with Apple's own AI assistant, Siri. However, it will bear some differences when compared to Amazon’s and Google’s speakers. Sources close to the company revealed that the Apple smart speaker will feature surround sound technology, and will also be able to work in tandem with all of the company’s devices, products, and services.

For instance, if the upcoming speaker sports compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit system, then it may allow the Tim Cook-run company to further strengthen the foothold of Apple products and services in a customer’s home. Google and Amazon speakers mostly do not support Apple’s services, and the company is expecting that with its own speaker, Apple device, and service users will be enticed to buy its product and not the Echo or Google Home.

The speaker apparently reached its advanced design stage late last year, and since then, Apple employees have been testing it in their home to eke out any design issues. The speaker will look to bring the home automation system designed by Apple to every customer’s home. Through the HomeKit system, people will be able to remotely control house lights, window blinds, doors and many more functionalities.

Who is making Apple's smart speakers?

Inventec Corp, the company behind the production of Apple’s Air Pods, is said to be building the Apple smart speaker. Previous rumors indicated that the device featured a touch screen; however, this may not be the case anymore. It is likely that the Apple company will unveil its unnamed speaker at the WWDC on June 5.