Graphics card manufacturer AMD earlier this year announced that it is going to make the Vega Frontier Edition GPUs available in the market by June at the very latest. The company, keeping true to its word, has officially deployed its latest innovation at a starting price of $999. Interested buyers can visit the official AMD website to purchase the latest Vega GPU. The company has also offered additional technical details regarding the high-end GPU in order to help interested buyers make an informed decision. The GPU will go head-to-head with Nvidia's chips, especially the high-end ones.

AMD is also facing huge competition from ASUS.

AMD Vega Frontier Edition price

There was much confusion regarding the price factor when it came to AMD Vega Frontier Edition GPUs. The company, as reported by The Verge, has offered clarity on that matter as well. According to AMD, while the air-cooled model will be available at $999, the liquid cooled model will increase up to a price of $1499. Compared to the performance of the latest edition, many believe the card is made for the gamers. They are known to focus mostly on content creators and gamers. As Anandtech points out, AMD stated that their latest GPU is specifically made for professional gamers. However, the product also comes packed with dual-mode drivers for the card.

This makes it easier for professionals to carry out computing tasks and activities relating to CAD. Even though it sounds complicated, the procedure is made quite easy.

Features and specs

Moreover, AMD posted the final specifications regarding the said GPU and, turns out, the system is peak-clocked at 1600MHz. However, at the same time, the sustained performance of the GPUs is slightly lower.

AMD’s Vega Frontier Edition’s ‘typical clock’ is measured at 1382MHz. The latest GPU by AMD also feeds on the dual-stack HBM2 configuration paired with 8 layer, 8GB ‘8-Hi’ stacks. The Vega’s memory stands at around 1.9Gbps, which allows the total memory bandwidth of the card to extend to at least 483GB/sec.

The website states that the release date for the AMD Vega Frontier Edition is June 29th.

However, AMD’s official website wherein the announcement post is listed contains totally different details. The latest innovation has certainly made a thunderous entrance in the GPU market. It remains to be seen what exactly will take place next. For more tech updates, stay tuned.