This is the question that has been raised by many. However, increasing number of electronic gadgets manufacturers try their best to implement the best kind of changes and deliver the same to the market. These companies certainly do include Apple, Samsung, and Huawei at times. At the same time, there are other companies who are solely dedicated to producing some really awesome, massive smart wearables. When one speaks about this subject, one of the first names that pop up in one’s head is Fitbit’s. Fitbit has been producing marvelous wearable innovations since years now.

Therefore, when news regarding the firm working on a new product surfaces online, it quickly goes viral. The same is applicable with the latest leak, it seems.

The company is apparently working on a new smartphone – the leaks regarding which have already surfaced online. With the Upcoming smartwatch, it seems, the company will be exploring newer colors and better angles – something that hasn’t been seen before with Fitbit smartwatches before. According to a report published by TechRadar, the upcoming bunch of smartwatches will be sporting a rather unusual design, that hasn’t been explored by the company before. The report claims that this isn’t the first time that a leak regarding the smartwatch has been spotted online.

The smartwatch spotted online

A few months, a leak regarding an alleged Fitbit smartwatch was spotted online, with almost the same kind of specifications as seen in the latest one. The only difference in the latest leak is the fact that it provides additional, deeper details regarding the upcoming smartwatch. One can easily observe the number of colors that the smart wearable is going to come in, alongside the pictures taken of the smartwatch from different angles, thereby giving users enough to take a judgment regarding the design of the smartwatch.

The same report claims that Fitbit is expected to announce its new range of smartwatches towards the end of September – however, the same hasn’t been confirmed by the company as yet.

Color option with the smartwatch

The upcoming smartwatch, as per the latest leak, is expected to come in multiple flavors of colors including Silver with Black Blue straps, Silver with Denim Blue straps, Gold with a Teal casing, to name a few.

As far as the hardware specifications of the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch are concerned, the device is expected to pack the basic ones – power buttons, a digital interface, a notched watch clasp, proprietary charging port and Pebble-powered processors.