Amd Radeon RX Vega is one of the much-awaited graphics card this year. However, sources are claiming that graphics chip maker will start shipping final gaming Vega cards in August.

According to HWBattle, gaming oriented AMD Vega silicon ships to AMD’s board partners this week. Then, afterward, these Custom cards will ship in late-July/early August.

AMD RX Vega release rumors

AMD CEO Lisa Su has recently confirmed that the Vega GPUs will be revealed at SIGGRAPH. Considering how that is in July, sources claim that the latest GPUs will be available for the masses by the end of July or early August.

There are also other sources which claim that the Vega cards will not available until later this year. Hence, there is a lot of confusion regarding release window of the graphics card.

AMD VS Nvidia

Vega GPUs leaks are running rampant on the internet and while nothing has been confirmed yet, however one thing looks to be trending that the latest AMD GPU will be cheaper than what Nvidia has to offer. If that will be the case then the surely AMD does not need to be on the par with Nvidia.

Gaming-oriented Vega

The gaming-oriented Vega products will probably base on the same Vega 64 and Vega 56 silicon and these parts will be specifically optimized for games. As per the Radeon graphics guru Raja Koduri, these parts will be faster than the latest Vega Frontier Edition card.

Vega Frontier Edition

While everyone is waiting for the unveiling of AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards, the company is preparing to release the workstation iteration of its new GPU. Before June is over, the AMD Vega Frontier Edition will be upon us. The price of the Frontier Edition card has already been revealed. The air-cooled AMD Vega Frontier Edition costs $1,200 and the liquid-cooled Vega is having a price tag of $1,800 at SabrePC.

In terms of specifications, the Frontier Edition Vega card is tipped to have more or less the similar specs except for the thermal design power (TDP) rating. AMD Frontier Edition card will be featuring 4,096 stream processors, 26.2 TFLOPS double precision floating point performance, 64 compute units and 13.1 TFLOPS single precision floating point performance.

The professional Frontier Edition card from AMD will be having a pixel fill rate at 90 gigapixels per second, 16GB HBM2 Memory in two stacks with a memory bandwidth of 483GBps. The only thing which is contrary to both the variants of professional FE graphics card is the TDP which is 300 watts for air-cooled and 375 watts for liquid-cool version.