AMD’s plans regarding launchings its Vega GPU architecture has been known for a really long time now. Several reports indicate that the company has dedicated an individual Radeon-Red team in order to facilitate the smooth launch of the same. Experts believe that the upcoming AMD Vega GPU is everything that a professional could wish for. The next-generation graphics silicon is expected to deliver the performance of such a kind that it will give a tough competition even to the market’s biggest, Nvidia’s GPU line-up.

Radeon RX Vega

It was reported by PCGamesn earlier this month that AMD had announced a complete detail of the naming scheme.

The report suggested that this might be the upcoming Vega card flagship. AMD announced an imaginative title, Radeon RX Vega and experts feel that this is going to serve as the successor to the R9 Fury cards that the company offered last year. Meanwhile, fans are also awaiting an update regarding the Polaris graphic cards.

Back in 2016, the company had apparently assured the fans that they are planning on refreshing the Polaris graphics card line-up. At that time, the company left several hints that indicated the inception of the Radeon graphics card in the market. While the company is done with the launch of RX 480 and RX 470, they still need to give an update regarding a graphics card that is suitable for hardcore gaming.

The AMD Vega GPU architecture is expected to be exactly for the gaming kind.

According to a report published by Apple Insider, the company made a strategic move by introducing their latest graphics card with Apple’s 2017 MacBook Pro line-up at the WWDC, 2017 event that concluded earlier this month. The company, at that time also announced that they plan on introducing their much-talked-about Radeon Vega Frontier edition on June 27th this year with the pre-orders for the same starting almost immediately.

Radeon Vega Frontier priced at $600

Fans were quick to rush to the websites of the e-commerce retailers who were providing the much-awaited Radeon Vega Frontier edition for pre-orders. Priced at a whopping $600, the graphics card is meant to facilitate all the needs of hardcore gamers.

Meanwhile, the air-cooled version — which falls under the standard category — comes featuring a 16GB internal storage and is priced at $1,200. Interested buyers can log on to websites like SaberPC if they wish to purchase the same. The water-cooled version, however, is available at a starting price of $1,800.