niantic labs and Knight Foundation are launching a block-party event in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 7. The event will focus on another detail regarding Niantic Labs's "Pokemon GO." Much like the previous events and gathering that Niantics promoted, this will be a block-party event that will gather players all around.

In addition, the previous events raised money in many ways including the donation to the Japanese tsunami victims. Now, this event will mostly feature a festive event without any fundraising purpose.

Knight Foundation, famous for their "Open Streets" events, will collaborate with Niantic Labs hoping to encourage people to hang out and mingle with the others.

Since Niantic Labs is present on their event, there will be a "Pokemon GO" event in the mix.

"The partnership with The Knight Foundation is a great forum to explore how technology can drive civic engagement," said Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke.

PokeStops are visible in this event

PokeStops will be visible along with the event. It's likely that Niantic plans to gather players in that specific area. Aside from visibility in-game, these areas will be marked physically for everyone to see.

According to sources, this may be another experimental plan for another huge event that will take place sooner or later such as Legendary events that will spawn super rare Pokemon in a specific area for a limited time. Otherwise, Niantic may be celebrating an achieved milestone in their game.

In line with the previous "Pokemon GO" ratings, it was slowly declining and this event may revive the glory days of the game.

The event may contain a huge announcement

The street party may also be another way to resuscitate the game along with new updates, events, or additions. However, Niantic Labs remains silent and will make this event a surprise.

Other rumors even mention trading features and additional ones that may be added in the future.

"Pokemon GO" is playing a huge role in encouraging people to go out of their homes.The collaboration event with Knight Foundation certainly boosts the influence and morale of the team from Niantics as they prepare for the Block Party.

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