DaddyOFive” is a YouTube channel operated by Mike and Heather Martin. They became highly popular for uploading prank videos that usually end up humiliating their children. However, those pranks might have gone too far as the couple is now being accused of uploading abusive videos that led to their kids being removed from their home. Mike’s biological children, Cody and Emma, were placed in the custody of Rose Hall, the children’s biological mother.

'DaddyOFive' prank videos

The video uploaded by the couple that caused the initial backlash was titled “Invisible Ink Prank,” which was uploaded to YouTube on April 12 and has since been removed from the site.

In the seven-minute video, Heather is yelling at Cody because of the black stains on the carpet. Cody is visibly upset as he tries to explain to Heather that he didn’t make the ink stain. Later, Mike yells that it was just a prank and Heather reveals that it was invisible ink on the carpet that will eventually disappear.

Other videos show Mike pushing Cody into a Shelf. While in another, Mike accuses Cody of making a mess in his room. Cody is crying and covers himself with a blanket while Mike continues to yell at him.

In one video, Mike is playing a game with his kids where they slap each other if the water bottle is not properly flipped. The video shows Cody slapping his sister Emma, and then she begins to cry.

'DaddyOFive' issues an apology

Mike and Heather uploaded a video on April 22 where they can be seen apologizing to their 800,000 subscribers for their “terrible parenting decisions.” Heather cited that they were going for shock value, to see what videos would likely get more views on YouTube.

Authorities reportedly received dozens of complaints against the couple, alleging that their children were being abused.

A few days after the apology video was published, the children were removed from the couple's home. Hall said in a video with her lawyer Tim Conlon, “It was very heartbreaking and disturbing to see my kids being abused,” NBC News reported.

At first, Cody was reluctant to go with his biological mother because he was told by Mike and Heather that he was thrown away like garbage and that Hall didn’t love him anymore.

However, the child eventually calmed down and adjusted to living away from the Martin home.

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