While rumors and leaks pertaining to smartphones of many OEMs keeps on surfacing online, not much is ever known about the handsets currently developed by Microsoft. Following tradition, Microsoft has kept the Windows 10 Mobile as elusive as ever. All one ever gets to hear officially from the company till a device is launched is that the it is committed to the platform and is working in tandem with its partners to manufacture devices, which will help in the expansion of the ecosystem.

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New Microsoft smartphones in the pipeline?

The Redmond-based company has remained tight lipped so far when it came to rumors suggesting that it may discontinue its Lumia brand of smartphones to entirely focus on its mobile software development.

Nevertheless, Satya Nadella, the Microsoft’s CEO in a recent interview with MarketPlace stated that the company will be building new phones in future.

However, he also mentioned that the upcoming Microsoft Phones would not resemble the smartphones currently in the retail market.

“I’m sure we’ll make more phones,” stated Nadella, highlighting that the company is planning to take up a similar strategy it launched while working on the Surface line up. Thus, basically the company is trying to come up with new product categories, which explains why its future smartphones won’t look like the current ones in the market. Nadella says that the new product category dubbed Continuum will feature smartphones that can be used even as a tablet.

A new 2-in-1 smartphone from Microsoft?

The Microsoft CEO envisions creating a new 2-in1 category in the company’s smartphone line-up as it did for the Surface laptops.

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The Surface line-up doubles as a tablet along with it being a laptop. Nadella states currently Microsoft is ensuring smooth distribution of its software to all Android- and iOS-powered devices. Once that takes place they will focus their attention to bring about change in function and form in the smartphone line of the company.

So the aim of is to make more phones. However, it is important to make sure that they don’t look similar to the current generation smartphones available in the market. Although Nadella has confirmed the development of a new smartphone line-up so far specifics of the same was not available either from the official source i.e. Microsoft or through any rumors.

Microsoft CEO’s statements are in line with previous rumors, which state that the company is developing a Surface Phone with a new form factor, which will permit it to be used as a laptop simultaneously. As of now the launch date of the new phones manufactured by the company yet to be known. Rumors suggest that one can expect them to be unveiled in the fall of 2017 or early 2018.