Windows fans have reason to rejoice as Microsoft on Tuesday, May 2 unveiled Windows 10 S operating system at a special event held in New York City. Windows 10 S is directly being placed as a direct competitor to Google’s Chrome operating system. The Redmond-based company revealed during the launch that apps downloaded only from the Windows Store will function on the OS.

Microsoft Edge: the default browser

Terry Myerson, the Windows chief, mentioned that the new OS “will run any browser in the Windows Store.” Although the statement is quite true, the Redmond-based company has restricted its users from changing the default browser on the brand new operating system.

In the FAQ section on the support page Microsoft clearly states that one can download any browser from the Windows Store. However, Microsoft Edge will remain the default browser of the system and users are not permitted to change it.

In laymans terms, it means that if a user clicks on a link from an app or opens an external link from his or her e-mail, then in that case they will be redirected straight to Microsoft Edge, even if other browsing systems are loaded in the laptop or PC.

As of now it is unclear if Google will make Chrome available for the Windows Store. However, if it does, the venture will be fruitless as Chrome will not be fully functional on the new operating system.

This move of setting a permanent default browser although helps Microsoft in cutting competition, but may not be too popular among its users.

The default search provider for both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge is Bing.

However, most users are accustomed to using Google as their search engine. Thus, this forceful restriction may not go down well with them. For now one has to just wait and watch if Microsoft relents to Windows 10 S user’s feedback and changes the default browser setting.

Windows 10 S: who is it for?

Microsoft states that Windows 10 S OS is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro operating system. The newly-launched Windows 10 S has been designed to provide productive and familiar Windows experience to its users with enhanced performance and security.

The new operating system has been made specifically for the needs of teachers and students and has been designed for usage in school work. Microsoft states that it has enhanced the security features of the operating system by restricting the download of apps from any other stores except from Windows.