A recent study conducted by Jd Power revealed that users with Microsoft's Surface are much happier when compared to the Apple iPad buyers. The Microsoft's Surface topped the chart with high Customer Satisfaction rating among all the tablet users. because they prefer Microsoft's design and styling factors.

The 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study report released Thursday noted that Microsoft Surface topped the list with an overall satisfaction score of 855, out of a possible 1,000 points, rated to be "among the best" mainly because of its style and design features. It beats Apple by 6 points as the mobile giant acquired second place with 849 points is only "better than most" and Samsung stood at third with a total of 847 points.

Microsoft was the highest performer in three areas

According to the report, Microsoft Surface has been a winner in mainly three areas - Surface's connectivity, styling & design attributes and preinstalled applications. The users were elated with its size and beauty of the design. The study also learned that the users with Microsoft tablets are early adopters of Technology.

The JD Power report said that the Customers using Microsoft tablets are likely to be the early adopters of technology. The Microsoft customers more than a half i.e.,51 percent say they 'somewhat agree' or 'strontgly agree' that they are among the first of their colleagues and friends to try such new technology outcomes. This is important because the early adopters manage to have higher overall satisfaction.

The study mainly sees the highest performance of Microsoft mainly in the attractiveness of its tablet design, the quality of materials used in the tablet, the size of the tablet and the styling & design features.

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Mostly the Microsoft also has a higher dimension of younger consumers than the competitors.

What counts the Higher Rating?

The JD Power U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study ranks customer satisfaction based largely on five factors: Performance (28%); Ease Of Operation (22%); Specifications (22%); Styling and Design (17%); and lastly Price (11%). The research was conducted between October and December 2016 in which they estimated 2,238 tablet users experiences who have been using their device for less than a year.

The study has an average customer rating of 841 points. The electronic appliances giant LG and e-commerce giant Amazon stood at "about average" line with 836 and 834 points respectively. The brands Acer and Asus marked "The Rest" with 814, and 812 respectively.