The battle of the tech giants has a new battleground with Microsoft set to introduce its Invoke Smart gadget that may rival the Amazon Echo and even Apple's Siri. Now, we have voice assisted phones, virtual assistant electronic gadgets, and scores of other technological smart things that we just cannot live without.

Invoke Smart Speakers have Cortana's intelligence

Today's tech products are raising the bar, and Microsoft is the latest company to answer the call with their Invoke Smart Speakers. It is the latest entry to challenge Amazon’s Echo and is the next voice-generated speaker. Invoke can play music, call friends, act as an internet portal, and even offer an extra edge with its sleek design.

In an effort to capture our undivided attention, Amazon has announced a new version of Echo with a built-in display, and Harmon Kardon has provided more advanced specifications to Microsft's Invoke that is equipped with Cortana's Artificial Intelligence.

Can Microsoft Invoke dethrone the Amazon Echo?

Undoubtedly, the consumers will benefit from the battle of the tech titans. No doubt, Microsoft will make a place for itself on the audio side of the technology market. However, the quest for sound perfection needs to be matched with user friendliness and functionality to satisfy customers. Cortana may have better speech recognition but Echo is already chipping away at Invoke’s edge when it comes to sound delivery.

Furthermore, Invoke is set for release later this year, and the edge that it may have is already being challenged with a newer version of Echo that will hit the market next month.

Moore’s law in the 1990s proved that creative technology at a reduced price can take over and consume the life of an average person.

In fact, today’s tech gadgets are gizmos that no one wants to live without. However, only the consumers can judge these hot products after using them. So, until then, it is a case of mere speculation and marketing hype. Still, at the end of the day, the consumer definitely wins.

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