tech enthusiasts who have been waiting for the arrival of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will end up disappointed as the device will never be released. This was confirmed by Microsoft Surface's chief who said that there is no such thing as a Pro 5. Apparently, everything was just a mere rumor from the news about its release to its alleged specifications.

Executive spills the truth

While speaking to CNET earlier this week, Surface Vice President Panos Panay revealed that the company is not yet ready for a Surface Pro 5. He said that the tech titan will only launch the device once they have achieved enough "meaningful change" to create a new product.

He added that the change he is talking about isn't just about the hardware change since most people would ask if a product uses the latest processor. He clarified that what he is looking for is an experiential change which will make a huge difference in the product.

Panay directly said that there is no such thing as a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 which confirms that there won't be any Surface Pro 4 successor that is set for release soon. He assured Pro 4 users that their device is going to be competitive for five years.

Microsoft event

Since Pro 5 does not exist, there is a possibility that Microsoft will have a minor refresh to its Surface Pro line by upgrading the chipset. There is also a media event coming in Shanghai on May 23 wherein the company will be showing the world what they are planning for the future.

Tech enthusiasts are now looking forward to the products that the company will be launching in the next years to come.

Although the release of the device won't be happening anytime soon, there is still a chance that the product might be released in the next years to come. For now, Microsoft is not yet ready to create one. Since it is confirmed that Pro 5 isn't a thing, fans are still hoping that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be released soon.

Pro 5 rumors

The rumored hybrid PC device of Microsoft is said to be packing with a powerful hardware and would run the latest Windows 10 software. It is said that it will be powered by Kaby Lake processors from Intel and will have around 512 GB of storage and 16GB of RAM. Although it is allegedly ditching the USB-C battery connector, it comes with a better version of the Surface Pen stylus.

As for its design, it will still appear sleek like the Pro 4 with a lightweight aluminum body. It will feature a 12.3 inches screen which is also seen in its predecessor. But all these are mere rumors because Microsft didn't even plan on making one.