Julián's mother went through a painful two-time battle with Breast Cancer and finally lost both her breasts to the disease. That was when the young boy at the age of 13 decided to combat this horrendous medical condition and forge a better future for other women.

This stimulated him to develop a technology which can detect breast cancer at an Early Stage. The 18-year-old boy along with three friends and Higia Technologies, which is a Mexican biosensor company, has invented a bra that uses color, texture, touch and pressure to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Named as Eva, it is the first intelligent bra that will notify the wearer on any detection of early breast cancer signs -- using sensors that cover the surface of the breast and encircling areas.

When asked ‘Why a bra?’ Cantu reportedly explained that the undergarment allows women to keep the breasts in the same position and there no need to wear it more than an hour in a week.

In the Spanish video below, Julián Rios Cantu explains that there are two hundred small tactile biosensors in the bra, which can trace and scan the surface of each breast and observe the changes based on the texture, color, and temperature.

If there’s any malformation of the breast or a tumor, there will be a greater flow of blood and high temperature in that area (over-vascularization). This data report will alarm the bra wearer via an app.

To compile the correct information, the user will need to wear the Eva bra for 60 to 90 minutes in a week and the intelligent women wear will be able to provide accurate results.

Reportedly Julian’s company, Higia calls its undergarment an "autoexploration bra."

While Eva bra is still a prototype and waiting for patent approval, Cantu notes that it will take a couple of years to release the women wear for common use, the Mexican teen was already awarded the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards, held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Cantu, who is an engineering student from Monterrey earned $20,000 for this innovative concept after leaving behind 13 other student entrepreneurs who participated globally.

Cantu also explains that the invention has been designed keeping in mind for women who suffer a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. As per Cancer Research UK, an estimated 8.2 million people died from cancer worldwide in 2012.

We hope this magic innerwear hits the market shelves soon to help many women on time.