The highly anticipated big reveal of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio happened with Digital Foundry dissecting the device. So far, what has been revealed was of common knowledge to gamers and analysts alike. Those specs revealed have been speculated, predicted, leaked and discussed.

With a comprehensive analysis from the Digital Foundry about the console’s technical specifications, we learned that in terms of the performance boost, the latest Microsoft’s project is above the PS 4 Pro. However, there are still nagging questions to be answered that were left unanswered.

Among these includes the official name of the console. In addition, the price is still unknown. It is a general perception that it will be priced higher given the console’s specs but gamers still want to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Finally, we want to learn the titles. Gamers want to know what titles can they exclusively play with that amount of power.

The PS advantage

Aside from the premium specs, one of the determining factors for most gamers in getting a new console are the exclusive titles that are included in its games library. The PS 4 Pro, the latest console has impressive specs already and for most gamers, hardware alone cannot justify a high price. Any gamer knows that the Japanese console has a massive library of incredible exclusive game titles.


With only information about the hardware for the Xbox Scorpio revealed, analysts anticipate that the bigger unveiling would happen at E3 2017. Xbox must have the greatest exclusive titles to get ahead of the lead. Right now, Xbox is running Forza, Gears of War, and Halo as its exclusive. So far, these games have not gotten the console very far.

It can be recalled that the console was taken over in the race in terms of sales in the previous year because it has a less powerful system and fewer exclusive titles rated by gamers as good.

Another reason for getting great exclusive games is that most of the games today are playable on PC. The logic is, gamers will not buy a console if the game it is offering can be just played with a PC.

Perhaps, a good shooter game as an exclusive is a great way to start for the Xbox Scorpio, but until E3 2017 happened, we will all just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted about Microsoft’s latest gaming console project called the Xbox Scorpio as soon as more information becomes available. We are looking forward to a great reveal in June.