On March 3, the latest hybrid console from Nintendo was released to the public. The response was unprecedented as gamers purchase it like hot cake. Statistics were impressive as the console made 1.5 million sales on its first release week. In fact, it was sold faster that Sony’ PS4 in their home country where it made half a million sales and growing.

Release issues

Following its successful release, the latest hybrid console, like all other devices faced early issues. Earlier, users were claiming that the left Joy-con was not synchronizing only to find out that interference caused it on the place where they are using it.

Another issue raised was with the scratched screen. The issue went viral online as users after users complained about this. It was later discovered that several deformed docks were causing it. To all of these complaints, the company was quick to respond and suggested that users contact the customer support to resolve the issues.

New problem

So far, these prevailing issues have been addressed by the company. Recently, a new issue has appeared online. A Reddit user posted a picture of what looks like a warped Nintendo Switch console. It turned out that the first user who made a claim was not alone. Several others echoing the same sentiment about their respective consoles responded to his post.

The cause of the problem

This recent issue according to some users is the result when the device is docked while the display of turned off. This action leaves the back portion of the Switch to become hot against the metal component of the dock. Given that a hot metal and plastic, when placed together, is not good, producing warped plastic.

It is worth noting, however, that not all users are experiencing the same. It is possible that some are not doing this practice to have not achieved the same problem. There are also several claims that it could be due to the different manufacturing variances that could have possibly resulted in the device running with higher heat than others.


For those who have not experienced the same issue, it is best not to place your device on the dock while it is still hot if ever it was the culprit. For users having the same issue, it is best to coordinate with the Customer Support of Nintendo Switch for a solution. The company would always advise a return or exchange for defective consoles like what previous users have experienced.