For several months the speculations about the Surface Pro 5 just would not die. Perhaps one of the reasons why people are still talking about it is the company’s silence about any information related to the product. The Surface Pro line has not received any update, and several analysts speculate that the company’s annual spring event might shed some light about the much talk about the device.

Launch date

A Chinese certification about the Surface Pro 5 has recently surfaced online. It is a Chinese Compulsory Certificate (CCC), which controls the safety of products imported and sold in the country.

There were also several reports that claim the device is ready for release. If the latest certification is any indication, then most likely, fans would be seeing a spring launch.

There is a possibility that the heavily speculated device could be unveiled in the later part of April. Aside from that, analysts are also looking into a potential May 2017 debut. The company on that month will have the Build Developer Conference, a good venue to launch a product.

Specs and features

Although speculations have been rife about the upcoming device’s specs and features, there is no confirmed information yet coming from the Redmond-based tech giant. The latest speculations about the device are that it will be packed with Intel’s latest seventh generation Core processor chip for desktop, the Kaby Lake.

Microsoft watcher Paul Thurott confirmed this detail. He added that his sources disclosed that the upcoming device would still have the same power connector contained on the previous iteration. This is contrasting what has previously reported about the device sporting a USB-Type C connector.

According to the leak, the Surface Pro 5 will not bring something new to consumers except for improved display and software features.

It appears that the company is not just focusing on the entire hardware of its products. It is worth noting that Microsoft is into cloud-based services and their Windows 10 operating system.

Rumored specs

Aside from the leaks, several speculations point that the upcoming device most likely will provide an option for an ARM processor based on the recent announcement that Windows 10 will support ARM.

It connotes an obvious LTE variant for the device as well.

The device is also expected to release equipped with a Surface Pen that features wireless charging. The pen is anticipated to be magnetically attached to the device. There are also several claims of a larger capacity battery. Aside from the recently released 9.7-inch Apple iPad, this device has long been anticipated to be released in the US market as well as in the global market.