OnePlus 5 is the term given by tech analysts to the next flagship device following the successful launch of the iPhone killer known as the OnePlus 3. There were several reports, however, using the term OnePlus 4 as it follows the number 3 in the sequence.


A recent report from Weibo, a Chinese website reveals, however, that the official name of the Chinese flagship device is OnePlus 5. It also suggested that the upcoming device would have a model name A5000. Also, the latest report also disclosed that the device would be released in June 2017.

Also, it was seen in the description that the device would run on Xiao Long 835 or in English Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Aside from that, there was also a mention of 2300 W rear lens, optical image stabilization, and 1600W front lens. Most likely, this refers to the camera specification of the device. It also mentions 5.5-inch 2K Display.

Why 5, what happen to 4?

While our world, is technologically advancing, there are some things that people still adhere on, and that includes superstition and tradition. Generally, in numbers, we are all familiar with people believing the unlucky number 13. In fact, some hotels, towers, and buildings skip this number in the belief that it brings bad luck.

However, the case is different with the Chinese or even those with Asian heritage.

The number four to them is considered an unlucky number. To Japanese, Korean, Chinese, to name a few, that number means death. So the number four was not scrapped or abolished. It was simply skipped so as not be bring bad luck to the company.

Numbers ending in four including 14, 24, 34, 44 and so on is being skipped. Usually, this applies to buildings as mentioned earlier, although there were times this belief is applied to products as well.

There are. However, several tech companies who proceeded with models with number four like Xiaomi and Samsung and both emerged successful so far. Although, people can just kid around that seven is Samsung's unlucky number.

What we know so far

OnePlus five has been hitting the web for a while, and several leaks are suggesting that the upcoming device will have an 8GB of RAM.

If this is accurate, it will be the first smartphone ever to be released with RAM this massive. There were also previous claims that the Chinese flagship smartphone will have a dual camera set-up at the rear similar to the setup of iPhone 7S, which is said to be loved by users for its depth effect to captured pictures.