In recent days Japanese video game giant Nintendo had been in the headlines. Their first move that was announced was that they are ending production of the popular NES Classic Edition. Then the NPD group released impressive March sales numbers for their new console, the Nintendo Switch and its praised launch title, 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.'

Ending the NES Classic Edition

Nintendo has announced that they will stop making their NES Classic Edition console at the end of the month, even though it only launched five months ago. This move is a surprise since the retro gaming device, a miniaturized version of the classic 1983 NES, has sold so well.

Demand for the $60 console, which came bundled with 30 games was so high in America that many retailers had trouble keeping stock.

In their statement, Nintendo said that the NES Classic Edition was not intended to be a long-term product, but that high demand did lead to extra shipments being added to the originally planned amount. From their earning report numbers, the system sold 1.5 million units in 2016. It was so popular and in demand that it was sold at around 200% markup second-hand after launch.

The Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda

When the Switch launched in March, it sold first-weekend launch units than any other console in Nintendo history in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Not to be outdone, 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' was also the best-selling standalone launch title in the history of the company. Now with the month of March having passed the full first-month sales numbers for both the console and the game are out, and they are very impressive.

NPD Group, a market research company, reported that the Nintendo Switch came out on top in March, beating PS4 and Xbox One.

It was also the first time since October that the PS4 was not at the head of the sales chart. The Switch moved 906,000 units to become the fastest selling console ever made by the company.

What was more impressive though was the numbers for 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.' The newest Zelda game moved 925.000 units on the Switch, giving it an attach rate of 100% since it outsold the console.

With an addition 460,000 copies sold on Wii U, the game has shifted over 1.3 million units in its first month. This made the game the fastest-selling in the legendary series and the fastest-selling Nintendo launch title ever.