When Nintendo reintroduced the NES Classic Edition in the market, the pre-order alone dried the stocks intended for official release. The nostalgic gaming device has been elusive to gamers. Popular retail stores like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop have reported the same incident. There were reports that the device is immediately sold out just minutes after they replenish the stocks.

Scarcity of stocks

With the massive demand for the classic gaming console, fake sellers are selling the console at a relatively lower price. The console is priced at $59.99 while the controller is being offered at $39.99.

There are several retailers, mostly third party, who has increased their prices due to the scarcity of stocks and high demand. In addition, for buyers, it is best not to trust sellers offering the NES at a lower price.

How to spot the genuine NES Classic Edition

The retro console has the look and feel of the classic version only it is sleeker and smaller in size. Also, it is pre-loaded with 30 games including The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. among others.

Aside from those, buyers should also check that it comes with a standard HDMI cable, an AC Adapter, and a vintage looking-grey-colored controller. Furthermore, the device is compatible with the Classic Controller and the Pro version.

Stores with constant stocks

Among the traditional retailers that buyers can check from time to time are Target and JB Hi-Fi. These stores are known to be regularly updating their NES Classic Edition stocks. The retro console can be purchased at Target for $120. Also, the retailer already updated the stocks of the controllers.

For Australians, the classic console is available at JB Hi-Fi outlets all over the country. They can buy it at the physical stores, as online orders are not offered for now. A recent report from Vook is claiming however that the massive stocks dumped for Australia will be the last inventory for the said area. The company did not yet confirm this information, but potential buyers can take advantage of the stocks available while there is supply.

For several gamers, the Amazon Prime Now has been their top choice among retailers. The store offers delivery services to selected areas. The sad news is, currently, not all sectors have available stocks. It is always best to check on iStockNow for reference.

At present, there is no significant update for the inventories of the supply online. Stores like Tesco and Argos both have not yet confirmed the time frame of the arrival of the next NES batch. Besides, several reports claimed that Toy R Us have already removed the listing of the product from its store.