With the mid-season break now looming near for the highly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) eSport video game, "League of Legends," Riot Games is now teasing some big changes for the game's different characters. The developer recently revealed that it would be rolling out its first batch of changes that will specifically affect several Tank-class champions in the lineup.

Diversity is key

As far as tank-class heroes go, Riot Games hasn't really done much to change the status of several fan-favorites. The stagnation has caused most players to choose between only a handful of top lane champions that include Shen, Maokai, and Nautilus.

The three champions mentioned above are the most picked characters in the 2017 spring split, with other tanks being neglected altogether.

The consistency of the tanks is imperative, which is why most other team members are built around them. However, Riot Games wants to change that notion by giving players other options. The upcoming Tank Update will be changing some of the abilities and stats of several neglected champions, including Sejuani and Zac.

“Initiating team fights is a responsibility many tanks share, but when the initiation works and feels the same across these champions, they start to become interchangeable.” Riot Game's had announced.

A taste of what is to come

While the developer has yet to reveal all the changes that will be coming fully, they have shared some modifications that will be applied for a couple of champions.

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Sejuani for one now grants his melee allies a frost buff. This can be useful in dealing massive amounts of damage when shattering frozen foes. Zac, on the other hand, will get some modifications to his Stretching Strike abilities. The gooey champion will also now be able to displace his opponents, via his ultimate, and throw them to a certain location.

Other teased changes

Aside from the changes to several tank-class champions, Riot Games will also be significantly changing objectives such as the Rift Herald. Killing the powerful enemy will now drop a consumable item that will summon him in the middle of battle. Additionally, new defensive items will also be granted, which means that killing the monster may be vital to shift the tides in some cases.

The developer has also announced that it will be launching an entire website next week to detail all of the changes that will be coming with the new update. Fans and professional players will need to take note of all the changes as it may significantly be changing the game's meta, which will, in turn, require an overhaul of current team line-ups.