There you go – its been made Official. Bungie has officially confirmed the arrival of “Destiny 2,” and what better way to do it than on Twitter? The news has been hinted at through several sources following Activision’s revelation that it was planning a sequel during an earnings call last year. An Italian retailer also managed to spike the hype upon leaking posters for the game, which revealed a beta version. Monday’s announcement, however, is the first official confirmation from the developer.

Bungie keeps it vague

There’s not much to see in the tweet; basically, it’s just a picture of the sequel’s logo.

A huge numeral two in Helvetica can be seen behind the word “Destiny,” which looks exactly the same as the one that appeared on the leaked poster. The poster had Sept. 8, 2017 as the release date alongside an indication of a beta that’s supposed to come out first on PlayStation 4.

Activision and Bungie both remain mum on specifics – platforms and whatnot – but the publisher did give out a release window for “Destiny 2” before, which will be this fall. Check out the gloriousness of the logo:

Sequel to have a complete overhaul?

Given that Bungie has a thing for vagueness, fans have turned to speculation and have flocked to the game’s Twitter for potential clues.

Previously, it was rumored that “Destiny 2” was going to be entirely different from the original game, apparently taking a clean slate to the characters and its game settings.

One eagle-eyed fan may have revealed something, though, and pointed out that the photo from the logo looked like The Last City from the original game.

To anyone wondering what happened, here’s a brief explanation from Twitter user Nibel:

The original “Destiny” was launched in 2014 and became the first major property for Bungie since the “Halo” titles.

The developer has made regular updates for the game including new content and events since then. The first expansion, "The Dark Below," released in December 2014, followed by May 2015’s "House of Wolves." "The Taken King" launched in September 2015 and in September 2016, "Rise of Iron" was released. Its final update, "Age of Triumph," will be released a few hours from now, on March 28.