Nendoroid's "Overwatch" line has now been updated with two new heroes: Shimada brothers Hanzo and Genji. On Twitter, Blizzard announced that both mini collectible figures are now available for pre-order – one of the best ways to show fandom pride.

The figures are four-inches long and are priced at $50 each at the Blizzard Gear store. Nendoroid Hanzo and Nendoroid Genji will join Tracer, Mercy, and Mei as part of toymaker Goodsmile's action figure line next year, which will start shipping between August and September next year.

Nendoroid Hanzo

"Overwatch's" Hanzo, Genji's older brother, will be the fifth action figure from the series.

Details on the toy are intricate, including his tattoos and some extra parts like an alternate Scatter Shot arrowhead, and a bow and arrow. While the Hanzo Nendoroid figure’s expressions capture the seriousness of the former leader of the Shimada clan, his tiny patch of facial hair renders him immensely adorable.

Nendoroid Genji

Nendoroid Genji comes in full armor from head to toe. The sword is equipped and he can unleash the Dragonblade with an accessory attachment. In the Genji package, you will find a figure with an ability not found in any other among the line. With a double-jointed neck, Genji can turn his head in a vast selection of angles for articulation.

'Overwatch' adding features to make Pro Matches more watchable

In other news, today's developer update sees game director Jeff Kaplan revealing plans to improve the viewing experience. The new features will be on display during the "Overwatch" World Cup, set to take place at next weekend's BlizzCon.

First up is the Team Uniform System, which means teams will now be able to have uniforms and color palettes to help differentiate them from one another, in colors more varied than the red and blue tint system currently in use.

The update will also give observers and broadcasters new tools, including a top-down interactive map that encompasses the whole map. "We've had our observers and casters out here to work with it and they say it makes their job a lot easier to relay information to you guys and make for a better broadcast," Kaplan said.

A new, smart camera system is also in the pipeline, which smooths observer transitions and automatically follows the most important events in-game.

Meanwhile, Kaplan also recently tried to address concerns about the game's toxicity problem. In a developer update video entitled "Play Nice, Play Fair," which celebrated the release of player reporting on consoles, a feature that should have been present from the start.

For such offenses, Blizzard is encouraging reporting whoever condones such behavior, and more so, they have added a function that will notify you if the player you’ve reported has been been disciplined in some capacity.