Numerous sources claim that Sony is planning for a slimmer version of the #Playstation 4 Pro. PlayStation 4 already has a #PS4 Slim, which is why the only speculation left is the slim version of the PS4 Pro. Along with these speculations and rumors, numerous sources claim that Microsoft would be releasing a new console this year as well, which is the #Project Scorpio.

Planned release of PS4 Pro Slim together with Microsoft's Project Scorpio

Sony focuses more on the software field, which is why they released a 4.5 software update on the PlayStation 4 with Boost Mode that improves overall performance on its numerous games.

However, numerous websites point out that the release of the said console is possible. In addition, the report mentions the following:

" In addition, Microsoft is also planning to release a new Xbox game console called as Project Scorpio and the product is expected to be announced at the E3 2017 event, targeting the year-end holiday season. Sony is expected to release a thinner version of its PlayStation 4. "

In that statement, it does not specify what PS4 type the statement talks about. Going back on the previous releases from Sony company, they already released a slim version of PS4. Therefore, this would mean that the main subject the statement above talked about would refer to the latest PlayStation 4 Pro console.

If this is proven real, then this is good news for people or gamers that do not have any consoles yet. Otherwise, this would greatly affect those who bought the previous consoles.

Rumored specs and features

Furthermore, there are specs and features that are rumored to be included on the slim version of PS4 Pro. These are the following features:

  • The console is said to have a new look that will be slimmer than the normal one.
  • Buffed storage/hard drive for an expanded game library.
  • An extra HDMI port
  • Ultra Blu-ray player for movies and videos; and
  • A built-in PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) support.

It is only a matter of time before Sony unveils something new.

They may either debunk or prove that all of the rumors are true. Moreover, these rumors serve as foundations for the upcoming releases from the company and not only to ignite the hype that has been built before. Until then, waiting is the only option for now and to hear what Sony would have to say later on.