It has been made known for a while now that there will be a “Destiny 2,” but a recent leak from an Italian retailer has caused a commotion among fans. As expected, the majority of them are excited, but a few others seem crestfallen upon seeing a hint of platform exclusivity among the posters.

One poster indicates a Sept. 8 release date for the sequel, while the other mentions an upcoming beta. Sept. 8 being a Friday, it’s likely a European release date by tradition. To recall, “Destiny” was released worldwide on Sept. 9, 2014; “Destiny: The Taken King” launched Sept.

15, 2015, and by Sept. 20 the following year, “Destiny- Rise of the Iron” was released. The poster is the closest basis to a timeline beyond the initially indicated 2017 release window.

PlayStation 4 to get beta first?

There is a huge possibility that the PS4 owners will see the “Destiny 2” beta early, as pointed out by a Twitter user based on one poster. The same thing happened in 2014 when the beta for the original game arrived on Sony’s gaming console a week early.

While it gives PS4 users something to be happy about, some fans found themselves disappointed, although nothing has been confirmed yet. "Not an encouraging sign. Thought that platform exclusive content (even a beta) would be a thing of the past for this franchise," Vox Media's Shaun McIlroy said.

"It was handled poorly for the first title."

Little is known about the sequel so far but from Activision’s earnings call Q&A, “Destiny 2” is to have a “cinematic storyline” and a “great cast of memorable, relatable characters.” Bungie, on the other hand, previously suggested that the upcoming game will have a complete makeover – there will be new characters to go along with new planets.

Age of Triumph details

Meanwhile, Bungie has dropped details on the “Destiny: Age of Triumph” update. A launch trailer was released yesterday to get fans gear up for the live event next week, and it features new activities, new weapons, new armor and improved Raids.

Updates on the live event were dropped up front, but the studio somewhat teased that news of the leak reached them.

"p.s. Were you expecting something else? One milestone at a time, Guardians...”

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