A sense of immense joy descended on Team America in the form of a gold medal on Friday when 18-year-old Suni Lee achieved a fascinating win in gymnastics.

Going by a wyff4 report, Suni Lee found the winning moment surreal and was quoted as saying: "It doesn't even feel like real life."

The report termed the medal the most coveted one in gymnastics and went on to add that Lee is the first Hmong Americans to compete in the Olympics. The win turned sweeter by making Lee the women's gymnastics all-around champion.

In victory, Lee also has made sure that the 17-year winning streak by the U.S.

in that competition remained unbroken. The gold win wasn't easy for Lee as she had been affected by injuries earlier, and she also had to go through personal difficulties.

Records tumble around Tokyo Olympics venues

More records took a tumble when athletes in various events achieved incredible feats. The prominent ones included the win by Australia's Emma McKeon in the women's 100-meter freestyle in a time of 51.96 - an Olympic record created in Tokyo. Meanwhile, South Africa's Tatjana Schoenmaker scripted a new world record in the women's 200-meter breaststroke with a time of 2:18.95. In the process, she became the first-ever woman ever to finish the race under 2:19 minutes.

Swimmer Evgeny Rylov won gold for the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) in the men's 200-meter backstroke with a new Olympic record clocking 1:53.27, while Wang Shun of the People's Republic of China won gold in the men's 200-meter individual medley in a time of 1:55.00, which became an Asian record, said The Guardian

San Marino becomes the smallest country to win an Olympic medal

The Tokyo Olympics Games venue was full of cheer when San Marino, a small landlocked nation close to Italy, won its first-ever Olympic medal.

Sammarinese shooter Alessandra Perilli became a new hero when she gifted a women's trap bronze medal to the nation's empty kitty.

Perilli is just one of the five athletes that San Marino sent to the Olympics from a population of 34,000 people. This feat by Perilli also created a new record, with San Marino becoming the smallest country in history to win a medal at the Olympics.

Slovakia's Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova won the gold in the event, while Kayle Browning of Team USA settled for silver.

Unvaccinated U.S. swimmer opts to wear no mask

Michael Andrew, the unvaccinated U.S. swimmer who has been in the grip of controversy for having chosen not to get a Covid-19 vaccine shot, got into another row on Friday when he opted to wear no mask at the venue.

The controversial swimmer walked through an interview room after a disappointing race without a mask.

It is imperative that all athletes must wear masks post-competition. The Tokyo Olympic protocols require that mask-wearing is a must in mixed zones where journalists gather roughly five feet away from athletes to ask questions. However, Michael Andrew just placed his mask on a table during the interview. When questioned, he said he did not have a reason he was not wearing one.

Andrew went on to add that it's pretty hard for him to breathe in after kind of "sacrificing his body in the water," and that he felt like his health "is a little more tied to being able to breathe than protecting what's coming out of my mouth."