Nebraska Huskers coach Scott Frost provoked a media storm this past week after he insisted that Nebraska would continue its preparations to play in 2020 even if the Big Ten canceled its season. A few days after Frost made the remarks, the Big Ten’s commissioner, Kevin Warren, confirmed that the conference had postponed this year’s football season until the spring. However, Frost stuck to his strong remarks and hinted that Nebraska would, next, look to play other teams outside the conference. Frost’s comments have made him a target of national ridicule by media personalities, and many have dared Nebraska to pull out of the Big Ten conference.

Analysts criticized coach Frost

In the past few days, sports media analysts have criticized Coach Frost for voicing his opposition to Commissioner Warren’s decision. Frost’s critics have argued that the Nebraska head coach was the only leader in the Big Ten who had openly threatened to leave the conference. Pundits have pointed out that the Huskers have recorded a 9-15 record, in the two years that Coach Frost has been at the helm, and the team has failed to make it to the conference playoffs under his tutelage. Even though the Huskers coach has been abandoned by his peers in the Big Ten conference, Nebraska fans have praised him for fighting for his team.

Despite the criticism that Coach Frost has received, Huskers fans have been impressed by his decision to fight for the team.

While justifying his calls for a 2020 season, Coach Frost pointed out that the team would lose $80-$120 million if the Big Ten canceled its season. In addition to the financial impact of canceling the season, the Nebraska coach explained that some of his players could be adversely affected if the team doesn’t play. Frost feels that his players could be at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus if they stay at home since they will be in frequent contact with their family members.

Players are passionate to play

Coach Frost has claimed that his players are passionate to play this season, and he will try his best to get his players on the field this fall. Despite Frost’s passionate appeals, the chances of Nebraska playing football this season remain slim after Commissioner Warren threatened to expel the Huskers from the Big Ten if the team goes against his decision to cancel the season.

After Warren’s sharp sentiments, fans are convinced that the Huskers will not pursue their threat to play other teams outside the Big Ten conference. A section of parents from the school have drafted a letter to the Big Ten commissioner asking him to reconsider his decision. While it will be interesting to see whether Commissioner Warren changes his mind, fans can agree that Coach Frost cares about his team.