As college teams prepare to hold their spring training camps, the Nebraska football team will go into camp without one of their most productive wide receivers. JD Spielman will not participate in any team activities between March 9 and April 18. The senior is currently back in Minnesota due to unspecified health-related issues. Spielman finished the 2019 season with 898 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns, reports Journal Star. While he could join the team during the summer, Coach Scott Frost and his staff are considering some players who could replace him during training camp.

Nebraska hoping Omar Manning handles his classroom work

The Nebraska Huskers are keenly following the progress of one of their recruits, Omar Manning. Nebraska recruited Omar from Kilgore College in Texas. Husker fans are hoping that he can handle his academic responsibilities and join the team before the start of the season. Nebraska’s assistant coach, Ryan Held, has been constantly checking in with Omar to make sure that he is moving ahead well with his studies. In a recent interview, Kilgore’s offensive coordinator, Peter Hopkins, revealed that the Huskers were closely monitoring Omar’s progress. “Coach Held's just checking to make sure Omar's doing his classroom work, making sure everything's going well.

Coach Held's on top of it, for sure.”

Omar has the potential to be an immediate contributor to the Husker’s offense. At 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, he is would be the tallest wide receiver currently on the team. Of the four receivers currently headed for spring training camp, Jamie Nance is the tallest at 6 feet. Coach Frost will need a stronger player to fit in the slot, and Omar could be an immediate fix for the position.

The team also runs an offensive scheme that features four or five receivers.

A number of contenders

If Omar doesn’t attend spring training, Frost could consider using redshirt freshman Luke McCaffery at wide receiver. While Nebraska recruited him to play at the quarterback position, Luke’s athleticism could come in handy incase the team doesn’t have enough players out wide.

The talented quarterback has drawn comparisons to Michael Vick, and Husker fans are excited to see what he can do if he wins the job to be the starting quarterback. However, Luke will have to go against the current starter, Adrian Martinez, who has been the Husker’s quarterback over the last two seasons. If he ends up second or third on the depth chart, Coach Frost could use Luke as an emergency wide receiver until Spielman returns from his leave of absence. Let us know what you think about JD Spielman, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Nebraska Huskers and collage football.