Christopher Paul Jr. confirmed on Friday that he is now committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He is another valuable addition to the team hoping to make a mark at the Big Ten conference. The Georgia resident is the first commitment the Huskers got since January. That was when outside linebacker Randolph Kpai pledged to the team’s 2021 class. Paul’s announcement is not exactly surprising. After his visit to the Lincoln campus in the fall, experts already predicted that he would commit to the Huskers, reports 247 Sports.

Why Christopher Paul, Jr. picked the Nebraska Cornhuskers

Christopher Paul, Jr. already knew that he was going to pick the Nebraska Cornhuskers weeks ago. The Georgia-based player has formed a strong relationship with the team's recruitment staff over the past months. The 2021 recruit forged a good bond with coaches Barrett Ruud and Erik Chinander. Because of this, he felt like he will connect well with the team.

Paul admitted that it was the constant communication from the Huskers’ recruitment and training staff that convinced him to join the team. He said that it was rare for college football recruiters to come down to their county. He appreciated the attention that the team gave to him.

According to Paul, he indicated to linebacker coach Barrett Ruud on Friday morning that he is already ready to commit to the team.

After a quick conversation with Nebraska head coach Scott Frost, they prepared to announce his decision as soon as possible.

Cam Taylor-Britt to show why he is top defensive player for Nebraska Huskers

In the past months, Cam Taylor-Britt has become a huge star for the Nebraska Cornhuskers both in and out of the field. Surprisingly, the defensive back is now a media and fan favorite in the team.

He has proven to be a capable standard-bearer for the Huskers. He is one of the Huskers’ most talented and versatile players. In 2019 alone, he played three positions over four months: safety, cornerback, and nickel spot for defense.

Nicknamed “Cam Juice,” he is one of the first beneficiaries of an athletic brand boost project of the university.

He also showed that he is more than capable to serve as a sort of spokesperson for the team. This was after Cam Taylor-Britt did well in the Huskers’ spring football press conference.

Wan’Dale Robinson plans to play smarter

Meanwhile, Wan'Dale Robinson will be a sophomore player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers next season. After a slow freshman year, the wide receiver hopes to serve a more substantial role in the team's offensive line. Robinson had a breakout performance during the Huskers’ game against Illinois last season. According to him, he plans to make less contact in the next season so he will be able to stand out better.