The Nebraska basketball team is suffering through the kind of season this already bad to mediocre basketball program has rarely seen. On Thursday night, the Huskers lost to Michigan State to drop their record in the Big 10 to 2-13 and their overall record to 7-19. Adding insult to injury, the team has lost 11 games in a row, a school record. Should the team fail to win 10 games this season, it would be the first time Nebrasketball didn't hit that mark since 1972. If Fred Hoiberg's crew loses out, something that they are now favored to do by most analysts and statistical projections, it would be the lowest win total for the program since the 1963-64 season.

Knowing all of this, assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih took to Twitter, on Friday morning, asking the fans to show a little patience and understanding.

"Unfortunately we live in a society of wanting instant gratification. With that comes a lot of unrealistic expectations. And at times I get it I'm a huge sports fan. But our guys are working their a--- off and we are BUILDING. And it will happen. No doubt about it."

Nebraska basketball frustrating fans

While most Husker fans knew this season was going to be a rebuilding year, the degree to which losing has taken place has social media users wondering what the future holds for the program. As some users pointed out to Abdelmassih after his post, the message he was sending was one that Cornhusker fans have gotten from one coach after another.

NU is currently the only major conference team in the country that has never won an NCAA Tournament game. The program has only made it to the tournament a handful of times in its history. This season wasn't expected, by many, to be a tournament team but there was some expectation of better play with a head coach and staff as touted as the one in its first season in Lincoln.

Matt Abdelmassih pointed out to those who were responding to him that while some other staff might have made those kinds of promises, he and his staff had not. The implication was he and Hoiberg's crew are going to back up their talk.

Some signs for the future of Nebraska basketball

While the Nebraska basketball team lost by 21 points, on Thursday night, they are just a few contests removed from a two-point loss to the 9th ranked Maryland.

They also have a three-point loss to Top 25 team, Rutgers and have wins over Purdue and Iowa on their resume.

The Huskers only trailed Michigan State by three at the half, before coming out in the second half unable to hit a bucket of any kind. Whether or not the Nebraska basketball assistant coach's plea for patience is heard and honored won't be known for quite a while now. The Huskers have five more games in the regular season with only one, a contest against Northwestern, against a team lower in the Big Ten standings.