While the Nebraska basketball team waits for its next NIT game against TCU on Sunday, the squad's fan base is waiting to see what happens when their season is over. Fred Hoiberg rumors have been flying around Lincoln fast and furiously all week. There was a time when it appeared the former Iowa State coaching becoming a Husker was a done deal. It was all over but the announcement. Then, rumors began popping up on Friday morning that it wasn't nearly as close to official as some had been letting on. What is known is that the dueling rumors have left Cornhusker fans in the dark, confused and more than a little annoyed.

Firm and final

Wednesday is when the Hoiberg to Nebraska basketball rumors really seemed to have hit their crescendo. Sports writer and noted Husker fan Lars Anderson claimed his sources were telling him the new basketball coach's contract had been inked. He claimed that the talk of Miles being replaced was "firm and final." Because Anderson was among the first, if not the very first to correctly announce that Scott Frost had been hired during Mike Riley's final season, plenty of people put stock into what he has to say.

It helped that another member of the Husker media, Robin Washut followed that tweet up with a comment that while he wasn't ready to confirm Fred Hoiberg was on his way to Lincoln, he fully expected it to happen.

The news was enough for most of Cornhusker nation to begin planning just how to react when it was made official.

No official offer from Nebraska?

On Friday morning, Seth Davis further clouded the situation by tweeting out, "I am told by reliable source that there have been conversations between Nebraska and Fred Hoiberg but no official offer has been made.

Might just be semantics/formality but that is what I am hearing. Carry on." There is, of course, a rather large gulf between "firm and final" and "no offer has been made."

Davis doesn't point out that his sources might have been using semantics.

It's almost assured that his particular sources are members of the Athletic Department that are trying to tamp down the rumors until after Sunday's game at the very least. It's also possible that the sources Davis had talked to are more in the know than Lars Anderson's. It's also possible both are technically right. There could be no official offer from the Nebraska basketball team to Fred Hoiberg. They might also have talked about it enough that there will only need to be signatures when the opening is official. The Husker fanbase will find out sooner rather than later, but for now, it's all shadows and fog.