The Buckeye Nation is getting impatient over what they consider to be NCAA inaction over two controversial calls made by the referees of the 2019 Fiesta Bowl, which saw the Clemson Tigers defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes. It has been more than two weeks since the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Buckeye coach Ryan Day found it hard to watch the Clemson Tigers/LSU football game.

Buckeyes coach Ryan Day on Clemson Tigers vs LSU

According to ESPN, Ryan Day recently spoke to the media, saying, "it was hard to watch, I'm not going to lie," adding that, "It was very difficult.

I told the team and the coaches that I wanted everybody to watch that game, as hard it was going to be, from beginning to end and think about things and how badly they want to get back in that game next year, back in that situation, and what are they willing to do, and what are they willing to sacrifice to get there."

As with most games featuring the Ohio State Buckeyes, Buckeye Nation was incredibly active on social media during and after the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Both fans and non-fans of the Buckeyes agreed that the game between Ohio State and Clemson is one of the most memorable ones in recent history. A common social media discussion point during the game was the allegation that the Ohio State got robbed.

Some Buckeye fans also questioned the logic behind the referees’ decision to eject Ohio State defensive back, Shaun Wade, from the game. Wade was removed from the game because of a targeting violation.

Ohio State's 2020 season

With an impressive performance in 2019, the 2020 season will present a huge opportunity for the Ohio State Buckeyes to build on its successes.

A recent article from a well-known sports website certainly has high expectations for the team’s prospects in the upcoming season. Top website Sporting News has recently published an article that previews the potential outcome of the 2020 season in the college football world. The purpose of the article was to rank the potential top 25 teams in the national scene.

It was based on the announced 2020 classes for the college football teams at various conferences.

The article listed the Buckeyes at no. 2, just behind its Fiesta Bowl opponent Clemson Tigers. Even with a 2020 lineup without stars like Chase Young and Jeff Okudah, Ohio State makes up for their absence with a surprisingly strong receiver corps. Heisman Trophy finalist and quarterback Justin Fields and wide receiver Garrett Wilson are also going to be astonishing presences. The three other teams that are in the top five of the list are no. 3 Alabama Crimson Tides, no. 4 LSU Tigers, and No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs. Ohio State's main rival Michigan Wolverines is at No. 15. Stay tuned for more updates.