Current Clemson Tigers backup quarterback Chase Brice has announced that he will be entering the transfer portal this year. With the news of his departure, fellow quarterback Trevor Lawrence has taken the high road with his goodbye message to his former colleague.

Lawrence retweeted Brice’s announcement on his account, writing that he is sad that one of his best friends in the team will be leaving. However, he is also excited about the career possibilities that the transfer portal could offer to the backup quarterback.

It can be remembered that Brice had a huge role in Clemson’s great run in 2018.

When Trevor Lawrence went down because of an injury in a game against the Syracuse Oranges, Brice stepped up and helped the team bounce back. That helped clear the way to a national championship title for the Tigers.

Will Chase Brice transfer to the Georgia Bulldogs

With Chase Brice now available for the transfer portal, the Georgia Bulldogs may be making a play for him. Brice himself accidentally started the speculations after he changed his Twitter profile picture to that of him wearing a Quincy Carter UGA jersey as a child.

It is highly likely that the Georgia Bulldogs asked him to take down the post because he deleted it a few minutes later.

It would not be illogical for Brice to head to the Georgia Bulldogs. He was a three-star prospect from the state’s Grayson High School, after all.

First college football loss for Trevor Lawrence in Clemson Tigers

In other news, the College Football Playoff national championships signified the first loss in Trevor Lawrence’s university career.

The 20-year old admitted that he had a huge part in the defeat. It was not his best night, he confessed. He said that he was not accurate enough during the game.

He said that there were a lot of missed plays as well.

After their 42-25 loss to the LSU Tigers, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney comforted his star player right away. He told the quarterback that he should take the opportunity to lead his team to greater heights in the upcoming season.

Trevor Lawrence, who became a player for Clemson in 2018, suffered his first loss in the championship game. Before that, he was starting quarterback for the team for 26 straight wins, a stunningly impressive number in the increasingly competitive college football arena.

Trevor Lawrence of Clemson Tigers made history

Last year, Lawrence already made history. He became the first true freshman starting quarterback to help win a national title since Oklahoma’s victory in the 1985 championship game. Right now, many people already presume that he will be the no. 1 pick for the 2021 NFL Draft. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Clemson Tigers.