The man who was unofficially representing the Kansas City Chiefs has been booted from the most recent Madden eSports tournament. 23-year old Nathan Harris wasn't chased from the tourney, which could have earned him $700,000 if he'd won, because he was cheating.

It turns out it was because Harris had some rather serious criminal activity in his past. reports Harris had several sex crime convictions on his record, and it was because of this that Harris was deemed ineligible.

Chiefs champ pulled

Harris had already won the Chiefs' only version of the tournament in order to get the chance to compete on the national "Madden 20" championships.

Because of the regional championship, Harris was officially representing the team. Members of the front office expressed regret that Harris had managed to make it through the regionals before his criminal past had been found out.

It was Electronic Arts that pulled Harris from the tournament after Kansas City news organizations shed light on what it was Harris had done. "Following a recent tournament, we became aware that two EA SPORTS Madden NFL 20 Championship Series competitors had a felony criminal history. It is our policy that players that have committed a felony and serious crimes will not be allowed to compete in our events."

The company went on to say Harris and the other competitor have been banned indefinitely from any future Madden tournaments.

Sex crimes

Harris was the only Kansas City Chiefs representative to have been found with a felony arrest on his record. Harris pleads guilty to felony intimidation in a sexual extortion plot nad was originally sentenced to 30 months in prison. The plea deal allowed him to escape a charge of cyberstalking.

The charges stemmed from a scheme he launched against an underage teen girl.

He was able to hack into her computer and download some nude pics she had there. He then reportedly tried to secure more nude pics by threatening to show the ones he had to her family and friends.

During the case, prosecutors say that Harris had committed similar actions with at least four other teenage girls. It's not entirely clear how Harris, with such a recent arrest record, managed to slip past the safeguards put into place to avoid these kinds of people getting into the tournament.

During the initial rounds of competition, Harris, who goes by FamedNate in his Madden games, can be seen competing against other players. Shots of Harris playing in the tourney show him decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear. Electronic Arts didn't immediately explain how the tournament would be restructured to make corrections for the two men being removed from the field.