Myles Garrett might be suspended for the rest of the season but at least one team's owner believes it's already time to move on, forgive and forget. Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter over the weekend to weigh in on the situation.

"In regards to Myles Garrett, he has offered a sincere apology and my feelings are everybody makes mistakes in life. The NFL is a family, and as a family, we support each other when we make mistakes. Let’s go forward with the spirit of accountability and forgiveness."

The tweet stood out if only because Irsay is the first team owner not directly involved in the situation to issue an official statement.

Cleveland Browns player gets support

As Mike Florio from pointed out, the statement could become an issue with NFL brass. Since Garrett's incident on Thursday night, the league has made it clear they are not, in any way, shape or form accepting what the defensive player did. When it comes to disciplining a player, the league usually wants to stay in a united front. Irsay has taken a position that is counter to what the league office has said about the incident.

Because Irsay was not being critical of the league, or anyone involved in the Thursday night brawl, it's unlikely the Colts owner will face any punishment.

Still, some league sources, according to Florio are saying they were a bit surprised to learn of Irsay's comments so soon after the dust had settled.

Thursday brawl a black mark

Myles Garrett was one of several Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers players that are either being punished or are expected to be punished for a fight on Thursday night football that broke out towards the end of the game.

Garrett and Steelers' quarterback Mason Rudolph became quite heated in one section of the field.

After Rudolph attempted to rip Garrett's helmet off, and appeared to kick him in the groin, Garrett retaliated. The Cleveland Browns' star, who is considered a leader on the team, was able to tear Rudolph's helmet and hit him, at least once, on the head with that helmet.

After the incident, Garrett apologized and admitted he knew what he did was very bad. Rudolph's people briefly talked about possibly bringing criminal charges before that idea was later dismissed. A day after the brawl, the NFL announced several suspensions and fines. Those suspensions include Garrett's. The league has said he will not play another snap this season and hasn't ruled out the possibility he will miss some time in 2020.

Rudolph, on the other hand, has not been punished for his actions at all. There are some reports the quarterback could eventually be fined, but it doesn't appear he will miss even one game.